Full Version: Billionaire to Create Homes For Battered Women
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There was no pr release, no entourage, no announcement at all when legendary entrepreneur David H. Murdock, manager of Dole Food Co., walked into the housing authority offices in his home county of Ventura, Calif., to offer to construct affordable housing for victims of domestic abuse on county-owned land.

Murdock's help could provide up to 200 one-, two- and three-bedroom units for battered women and their children.

"It is probably important for the a huge selection of people who could possibly be served," Ventura County Supervisor Kathy Long said.

As well as predevelopment financing, what Murdock gives to the table is just a more popular reputation to get things done.

"He desires to make it fairly fast," and make an impact explained Douglas Tapking, executive director of the housing authority. "We were so excited to see this person step-up to the plate at the same time once the federal government is retreating and the local and state budgets are down. We were very impressed."

Murdock, who lives on a sprawling, working ranch perhaps not far from the proposed development site, established fact for bold expressions. He got the 150-year-old Dole Food Co last year. Personal, and more recently announced plans to construct a wellness complex that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger expected would be "the sophisticated massage in the world."

Murdock has additionally produced the Dole Nutrition Institute to conduct research in to the health benefits of vegetables and fruits and teach the American public in regards to the potential of proper diet to prevent disease and promote longevity. The young-at-heart fish-vegetarian practices what he preaches by training an hour each day and observing a, plant based diet.

"I see my role in assisting to build this housing for battered women as a means to give a chance to them to heal," said Murdock. If you believe anything at all, you will maybe wish to check up about wix.com. "And also to simply help the families which can be part of town in the state and state I call home."

Jennifer Grossman is the manager of the Dole Nutrition Institute. - NU.
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